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Our trained K9 teams in a few hours can search your entire facility for the odor of narcotics, loaded firearms, ammunition and fireworks. Private companies and educational facilities of all types, which are concerned about contraband making their way into the workplace or on campus, all over the world, are employing Canine Detection Teams. We provide canine services for corporate security, celebrity events, executive protection, dignitary protection, mass gathering events, sports and entertainment venues. We also provide canine services to schools, colleges, offices, stadiums, ports, airports, and anywhere canine services are required.

The possession and use of illegal substances is not just a health problem, but also a safety problem, especially in schools and businesses where the potential for negative consequences is high. Our services can help you take a pro-active stance in minimizing the presence of illegal drugs and preserving the safety of everyone involved. Not only do the K9 teams search for and detect contraband, but they also serve as an effective deterrent. Individuals possessing illegal substances or firearms will often avoid a location where our scent detection dogs randomly search. Assisting in creating a drug-free school or workplace ensures a secure environment for teachers, students and parents.

Our dogs have the ability to check vehicles, classrooms, lockers, and all areas of school property. For businesses, this service can improve productivity and decrease the liability for workplace accidents. It also demonstrates a commitment to the well-being of employees. Using drug-sniffing dogs for random searches limits the intrusiveness on employees and has little impact on daily activity. Another benefit of narcotics searches in the workplace is saving on workers comp and insurance claims. If a K9 alerts during a search, the area or item is tagged by the handler and the location of the alert is the reported to the facility supervisor.

Our Detection Dogs are trained and certified to the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA). These teams also attend quarterly in service training and annual re-certification. We document and maintain records on our dog’s health, training, in service training, annual certification and deployments. Our dogs are trained to give a passive response (sit/down) when they detect the odor they have been trained to alert on. Our dogs are carefully hand selected for their social temperament and high levels of drive.

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I am very pleased with the services of Homeland Intelligence and Protective Services, LLC has provided us in advancing our mission of Take Back Your Neighborhood. They are professional, disciplined, and will be a great ally in your neighborhood

Jared S.

Take Back Your Neighborhood

Brandon Womack and his team of professional officers have been provided security services to this organization for over six years and it has been an excellent business relationship. His team is responsive to the needs of our organization and willing to go the extra mile to ensure the safety of everyone. Brandon has even volunteered and provided guidance into a situation that was outside of his scope of work.

Christina R.

Wilkinsburg Athletic Association

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